Terms and Conditions

A: Reservation, Payments & Security Deposit Terms

  1. Reservation, Rental Payment and Deposits
    • Reservations: Need to be made at least 24 hours prior to the departure date. There is a 2-night minimum for each rental period. Each rental night constitutes one rental day.
    • Payments: You will be charged a 100% of the reservation cost at time of booking to reserve your campervan. Rental costs are paid via Stripe or Paypal at www.hwcampervans.com. Renter’s name must match the name on the credit card being used to pay for the rental. Renter must be present and provide credit card and picture driving identification at time of pick up.
    • Deposits: A refundable Security/Damage deposit will be taken 2 days prior to departure. Security/Damage deposits are a minimum of $500 and can vary based on vehicle, insurance deductibles or Hale on Wheels LLC’s discretion. The security deposit can be paid by cash or credit card (credit card must be in renters name). The deposit covers any damage to the rented campervan during the rental period, regardless of fault. It also covers additional charges but not limited to fuel, late returns, traffic violations, etc that were not charged prior to departure. The deposit also covers costs we may incur in collecting payment from you or otherwise enforcing our rights under this contract including attorney, legal collection fees and our time ($95/hr). Security/Damage Deposit is reconciled within 7 days after return of rental unit if the unit is returned clean, fuel tanks at or above departure level, gray & black water tanks drained and NO DAMAGE. Renter is responsible for all damage done to the vehicle from the time of their departure until return and checked-in by authorized Hale on Wheels LLC employee. Refund will be in the form received, paid in cash, or refund on credit card if card is used. The deposit may be held until completion of any legal or collection action.
  2. Cancellation Policy
    • From the date of reservation and up to 30 days before departure, Hale on Wheels LLC will refund the full payment amount minus any Stripe and/or Paypal fees. If cancelled within 30 days of departure but more than 14 days from departure, the full payment amount will be refunded less a $95 processing fee and Stripe and/or Paypal fees. If cancelled within 14 days of departure but more than 7 days from departure, 50% of full rental amount will be refunded minus Stripe and/or Paypal fees. If cancelled within 7 days of departure no refunds will be given. Please allow 7 days to process any refund.
  3. Contract Changes
    • If by renter’s sole choice – Renter may change their reservation without penalty from time of reservation to 14 days prior to departure without penalty as long as total cost to change does not alter the reservation by reduction of more than 25% of total cost. If changing by more than 25%, standard cancellation policy will be in effect in portion to reduction. Prevailing rental rates will apply to all rescheduled dates. Rescheduled rental dates must be within one year. If the renter cancels rescheduled dates, the renter will forfeit all rental payments and/or deposits.
  4. Rental Floor Plans
    • Hale on Wheels LLC reserves the right to substitute a unit of equal or greater value should a reserved unit become unavailable though damage, breakdown, theft, scheduling or any circumstances beyond our control. Should a suitable substitute of equal or greater value not be available, our liability is strictly limited to the refunding of applicant’s reservation deposit. Substitutions of equal or greater value are at no additional cost to renter.
  5. Reservation and signing
    • The person named on the Reservation and the Rental Contract must have a valid major credit card in their name, present it and their identification and is the only person authorized to sign the rental agreement. If additional drivers have been approved and are listed on the rental contract they may drive the campervan off our lot but may not sign the contract.
    • We reserve the right to refuse any rental application or reservation.

B: Operational Terms

  1. Rental Pick Up
    • Campervan pick up times are between 3:00 pm-10:00 pm Sunday – Saturday. The campervan may be available for an earlier pick up time based on vehicle readiness and if the vehicle is not rented the night before your departure. The campervan may be available for a later pick up time depending if all documents and deposits have been received ahead of time.
    • Please request your desired time during the reservation process.
    • Fee for before/after hours pick up (6:00 am – 12:00 pm), if approved and available, is $75.
    • Fee for late night pick up (10:00 pm – 2:00 am), if approved and available, is $50.
  2. Rental Return
    • Campervan return times are between 5:00 am – 10:00 am Sunday – Saturday. 
    • Please request your desired time during the reservation process. Plan for up to 45-60 minutes for the returning procedure (cleaning, refueling, packing). If you would like a later time (10am – 6pm) it may be available, but not guaranteed as your campervan may have another rental starting on your return day.  
    • Fee for late returns (10:00 am – 12:00 pm), if approved and available, is $50.
    • There are absolutely no refunds for early returns. The vehicle remains the responsibility of the renter until an authorized Hale on Wheels LLC representative has checked the vehicle in.
    • The vehicle must be returned clean inside as received and the fuel level must be at or above departure level. If the campervan is not returned clean and/or at fuel level below departure level, a $95 per hour cleaning fee will be charged and the fuel will be refilled at a price of $8 per gallon of fuel plus a $20 service charge. We bill fuel at the actual amount of gallons needed to bring fuel level back to the level at departure and cleaning at 30-minute increments.
    • The Renter must drop off the rental vehicle him or herself.
    • You must return the campervan on the date and time specified in the rental contract. Failure to return on time will incur a $150.00 fee starting  59 minutes after the specified return time. If not returned by 12 am, two full nights will be charged. If the late return effects another guest’s departure on the same day, a fee of up to 3 times the nightly rate may be charged.
  3. Rental Delivery or Pick Up Option
    • If you selected to have Hale on Wheels LLC deliver and pick-up your campervan, delivery and pick up times and terms are the same at normal terms described in section B, paragraphs 1 and 2.
    • Delivery site must be free of shrubs, debris, and the delivery site must be wide enough to allow maneuverability for the driver of the vehicle. If you are unsure if the location is suitable for the vehicle being delivered, we can provide a pre-inspection at an additional cost.
  4. Fuel Use
    • No warranties are made regarding fuel tank capacity or fuel mileage.
    • All gasoline refueling during the trip is at Renter’s expense.
    • Upon return fuel must be at or above departure level.
    • Renter must refuel using the correct vehicle fuel octane as written inside the vehicle’s gas door
  5. Maintenance and Breakdown Terms
    • Renter is responsible for checking the engine oil, fluids, and coolant levels at each refueling. Renter is responsible for mechanical damage due to negligence in vehicle operation or failure to provide normal on road maintenance.
    • In the event the campervan is in breakdown repair for 12 hours or more, through no fault of the customer, our responsibility to the customer is limited to refund of nightly rate or portion thereof.
    • Automotive air conditioning/heater, refrigerator, sink faucet, usb charging ports, stove, and shower malfunctions are not considered breakdowns and no refund of nightly rates are available for repair to these items. However should any of the items listed fail to operate; an allowance of $10 per day/per item up to maximum of $70 per item will be reimbursed to the renter. The allowance is limited to $200 per campervan per rental.
    • All other items are not covered. These include but not limited to automotive cruise control, interior lights, any audio systems, front seats, bed frame, doors, and mirrors.
    • Customer agrees to obtain prior authorization from Hale on Wheels LLC for all repairs to the campervan, or the renter will be fully liable for all these expenses, and all damages that may result from improper repair or replacements.
    • Hale on Wheels LLC is not liable for Renter’s expenses due to unforeseen breakdowns beyond Hale on Wheels LLC control.

C: Use and Restrictions

  1. Smoking Policy
    • There is a strict No Smoking policy in all of the campervans. If your rental is returned with any kind of smoke odor, including campfire smoke, an automatic $350 cleaning fee (at minimum) will be taken from Security/damage deposit.
  2. Towing or using the hitch
    • Towing behind the campervan is not permitted. All campervans have a hitch lock attached to the hitch receptacle. Tampering of hitch lock will void this contract and Renter will be responsible for all ensuing charges including possible confiscation of the campervan and all applicable fees and contract charges.
    • If renter plans on using any hitch mounted rack with the campervan, the renter must contact Hale on Wheels LLC prior to picking up the campervan to make arrangements and have the hitch lock removed and the hitch mounted rack installed.
  3. Restricted Use and No Travel Zones
    • Travel directly into the ocean is strictly prohibited.
    • Any gatherings or events, which could pose a danger or damage to the campervan or Renter.
    • Travel on Non-Public roads, unpaved or dirt roads and off-road areas are prohibited and may result in insurance coverage being voided.
    • Pets are not allowed in any of our campervans. If your rental is returned with evidence of pet use, a $350 fee will be automatically be added. If there is damage, stains, odors or hair due to pets, additional cleaning charges of $95/hr. with a one-hour minimum per occurrence will be added. Any additional Pet fees may be deducted from security/damage deposit.
  4. Use Violations
    • The following uses of this vehicle are prohibited and constitute a breach of the Rental Contract’s terms
    • Operation of the vehicle to transport more persons than the vehicle has seat belts.
    • Operation of the vehicle to transport children without a federally approved child safety restraint or booster seat as required by state law.
    • Operation of the campervan for use associated with any illegal or unsafe purpose or for use in transporting of any illegal substance.
    • Any drugs or firearms found in the vehicle will be removed by an appropriate Law enforcement officer.
    • Operation of the vehicle by anyone who is not an Authorized Driver, by anyone not licensed to drive, by anyone whose driving license is suspended, or by anyone whose driving license is restricted because of past traffic law violations.
    • Operation of the vehicle by Renter or anyone else under the influence of alcohol, prescription or non-prescription drugs.
    • Operation of the vehicle by anyone who obtained the vehicle, or extended the rental period by giving us false, fraudulent or misleading information.
    • Operation of the vehicle in furtherance of any illegal purpose, or under any circumstances that could be properly charged as a crime other than minor traffic violations.
    • Operation of the vehicle in any race or speed contest.
    • Operation of the vehicle to teach anyone to drive.
    • Operation of the vehicle when the odometer has been tampered with or disconnected.
    • Operation of the vehicle when the vehicle’s fluid levels are low, or it is otherwise reasonable to expect the Renter to know that further operation of the vehicle would damage it.
    • Operation of the vehicle to commit a willful, wanton, reckless or negligent act with the vehicle.
    • Renter acknowledges that they forfeit their Security Deposit if any violation of Use and Restrictions (section C) is found.

D: Fees

  1. Turnover Fee
    • All vehicles have a mandatory Turnover fee. This fee includes a full comprehensive vehicle check, regular engine and tire maintenance, vehicle prep, deep cleaning inside and out upon return, and a starter pack of 1 lb propane, 1 roll of paper towel, dish soap, salt/pepper, and 2 bottles of water. Fee is $100 per rental for campervans.
  2. Additional Cleaning Fees
    • Renter is required to return the campervan in a clean, broom swept or vacuumed condition. All counters, sink, refrigerator, and stove should be wiped down clean. All kitchenware should be washed, dried and returned to their respective drawers and/or cabinets. Gray water tank should be emptied. Renter should remove all food, trash and personal belongings. All linen should be returned to the linen bag. The turnover fee provides for basic re-sanitation of the campervan upon return.
    • If the campervan is returned and requires additional time necessary beyond normal expectations to clean, and at Hale on Wheels LLC’s sole discretion, we may charge an additional basic cleaning fee of $95/hr. needed to return the campervan back to same condition as renter received upon departure.
  3. Other Fees
    • Other fees may occur and be describe in other sections of the Rental Terms or Rental Contract.

E: Renter’s Responsibilities, Requirements, & Insurance

  1. Responsibility for Damage or Loss
    • Renter is responsible for all damage or loss to the vehicle whether at fault or not.
    • At Hale on Wheels LLC’s sole discretion, Renter is also responsible for loss of use if applicable while vehicle is being repaired for damages and for Diminution of the vehicle’s value caused by damage. The diminution value charge is 2% of the stated value of the campervan. Stated value can be sent upon request from Renter and is also available on Insurance Binder form if Renter has provided their own insurance.
    • Renter is responsible for any Vandalism of the campervan in any form if a proper Police Report was not taken and sent to Hale on Wheels.
    • Renter must report all accidents and/or damage involving the vehicle to us within 6 hours of the occurrence.
    • Renter agrees to pay any damages from accidents from credit sources, payment types or deposits used in this contract, and assume all responsibility to submit accident reports and claims to the proper authorities.
    • Renter is responsible for all damage below the bumper and above the windshield, as this may not be covered by insurance.
    • Renter is responsible for all missing equipment.
    • Renter is also responsible for Loss of Use for return of campervan by Renter past contract return date/time that results in loss of use with another guest and any other action by the Renter that causes the campervan unavailable for use. Loss of use is charged at appropriate seasonal nightly rate.
    • Renter is responsible for all damage to campervan’s interior or exterior not caused by incident or accident whether Renter is aware of damage or not. Damage not caused by vandalism, incident or accident is the sole responsibility of the Renter.
  2. Tires and Windshield
    • Renter is responsible for all damage or loss caused by tire blowouts, punctures or other road damage. Excluded are damages caused by loss, which occurs in a collision, or comprehensive loss.
    • On road tire failure is the renter’s responsibility. Renter is responsible to replace damaged tire with the same type/grade of tire.
    • For your own safety DO NOT attempt to change a tire yourself. No tire changing equipment is to be carried in the vehicle. Contact us and we will send a mechanic out to change the tire.
    • If windshield is damaged in any form, the renter needs to have it properly evaluated, if ok to drive they can proceed at their sole discretion and safety.
    • Renter is responsible for all windshield damage while the campervan is in their possession. Any damage to the windshield will result in full replacement of the windshield for safety concerns of our next guests.
    • Hale on Wheels LLC does not reimburse for tire replacement or windshield replacement.
  3. Administrative fees due to damages
    • Hale on Wheels LLC administrative fee for any damage claims are as follows:
    • All damage claims $0-$250 ($50 fee),
    • All damage claims $251-$500 ($75 fee),
    • All damage claims $501-$750 ($100 fee),
    • All damage claims $751-$1500 ($150 fee),
    • All damage claims $1501-$2,500 ($200 fee),
    • All damage claims over $2500 ($250 fee).
  4. Insurance for campervans
    • Renter understands that Hale on Wheels LLC is not an Insurance company.
    • Renter is responsible to either provide an acceptable Insurance Binder (in english) to fully insure, during the rental period, the campervan including comprehensive, collision damage and Hawaii State minimums for liability insurance with a deductible for no more than $1,000, or purchase secondary insurance through Outdoorsy as part of Renter’s reservation process.
    • Renter acknowledges that coverage is provided on an excess (or secondary) basis –  If there is damage, any guest’s primary insurance (whether personal or commercial insurance) will apply first and then the Outdoorsy Protection Package will be secondary or also known as excess. If there is no other policy in place that provides coverage, Outdoorsy’s policy will then be primary.
    • Hale on Wheels LLC reserves the right to not to accept any Renter’s insurance binder it deems as unacceptable at Hale on Wheels LLC’s sole discretion.
    • No refunds will be given if the renter’s insurance company does not provide binder for coverage and renter wishes to cancel. If you have any questions on insurance, send us a message as soon as possible and we will be happy to help you sort through this important and necessary part of renting.
  5. Parking/Traffic/Toll Violations
    • Renter is responsible for reporting and payment of all parking/traffic/toll violations at rental return. Please notify us of all violations.
    • Renter is authorizing Hale on Wheels LLC to use credit sources, payment types or deposits used in this contract for such violation payments plus a $50/violation processing fee.
  6. Renter’s Age and Driving Requirements
    • Renter and all approved additional drivers must be of at least 25 yrs. of age and pass a basic DMV check.
    • If Renter and drivers are of International origin, they must also posses a valid Passport, country of origin driver’s license and posses during the reservation period a valid International Driver’s Permit of their country if origin driver’s license is not stated in English.

F: Acknowledgment, Indemnity and Warranty

  1. Indemnity
    • Renter agrees to indemnify us, defend us, and hold us harmless from all claims, liability, costs and attorneys’ fees incurred by us resulting from and arising out of, this rental and your use of the vehicle.
  2. Warranty
    • Hale on Wheels LLC makes no warranties, express, implied, or apparent, regarding the vehicle, and no warranty that the vehicle is fit for a particular purpose.
  3. Renter’s Personal Property
    • Renter releases Hale on Wheels LLC, it’s agents and employees from all claims for loss of, or damage to, your personal property or that of any other person, that we received, handed or stored, or that was left or carried in or on the vehicle or in our offices, whether or not the loss or damage was caused by our negligence or was otherwise our responsibility. Includes vehicles parked on our premises.
  4. Failure to Return
    • Renter agrees to pay all expenses we incur in locating and recovering the vehicle if Renter fails to return it or if we elect to repossess it under the terms of this contract. Including all costs, pre- and post-judgment attorney’s fees, we incur in collecting payment from you or otherwise enforcing our rights under this contract,
    • $95, plus $5 per mile for every mile between the renting location and the place where the campervan is returned or abandoned, plus any additional recovery expenses we incur.
  5. Payment Auto Draft
    • Renter understands and authorizes any payments owed to be auto-drafted from the payment method Renter has provided. This includes extra charges, damages, and insurance deductibles.
  6. Modifications
    • No part of these Rental Terms or Rental Contract can be waived or modified except in writing with authorized signatures from Hale on Wheels LLC.
    • If any provision of this Rental Contract is deemed not to apply, is illegal, or is against public policy, the remainder of the Rental Contract’s provisions shall retain their full force and effect.